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Caño Cristales Opens Its doors to the World

With the opening of new eco pathways around Colombia, The Meta Department is ready to open its doors to the world allowing people from different nationalities to visit the magnificent natural gems hidden in the Macarena, specifically in la Serranía.

Since 2014 people from this area have been working in 15 new pathways in order to get more tourists visiting Caño Cristales and the angostura creek. This is a breathtaking paradise worth a visit. While you are there, you can admire the river’s crystal clear waters, and its wonderful different arrays of colors. It is a liquid rainbow under water.

The main goal of this project is to attract more than 20,000 national and international visitors as well as involve the communities around that specific area of Colombia that once were afflicted by the conflict between FARC and the Colombian government. Apart from the beautiful natural wonders you can also meet the Colombian tribe “Tinigua”, that now enjoy of this peaceful corner of the world.

Visiting Caño Cristales is a no brainer! Come and visit, enjoy the scenery that is now open for the world to see.

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